NASCAR And Sports Gambling Money: Perfect Together

There is money to be made.



NASCAR is putting the finishing touches on its first big event of the 2019 season, the Daytona 500, and there will be something different this year. NASCAR has embraced legalized sports betting and will be allowing sportsbooks sponsorship logos and, of course, accepting sportsbooks sponsorship money. NASCAR has races at Dover Downs in Delaware, which has a NASCAR track, a horse racing track and a casino that has a sportsbook. NASCAR also has a Las Vegas event. NASCAR officials probably think that legalized sports betting will increase interest in the races. NASCAR is among the first American-based sports organizations that is taking sports betting advertising dollars and providing an advertising platform through individual teams.

NASCAR’s acceptance of sportsbooks product placement money is groundbreaking. No sports league in the United States has sports betting company logos on uniforms. Some sports franchises do have marketing partnerships with casinos. Others have relationships with sportsbooks through casinos. League commissioners have been pushing to get a share of the sports gambling pie through so-called integrity fees and offers to help police legalized sports gambling in the states that have sportsbooks. Sports organizations which spent decades fighting the notion of legalized sports gambling have a new revenue vein to tap. Meanwhile states that have allowed sportsbooks also have a new revenue pot, monies from sports gambling which could go and plug some budget lines in various states. It is a form of taxation and while it does not bring large amounts of cash to government, it does help somewhat. It appears neither elected officials nor sports leagues care about creating compulsive gamblers other than the tag line, if you think or someone you care about has a gambling problem, call a certain number. NASCAR is accepting sports book money. The UFC is taking sportsbook money for product placement. Who’s next?