Making predictions is tough. First off, you can’t predict injuries. Nobody could have seen Tom Brady going down, and with him, New England’s Super Bowl shot. So I am making these knowing that anything can happen to drastically change my opinion, even in a week.

With that said, it’s very easy to just pick last years playoff teams because we recognize them as good. That would also be the wrong way to do this. Did you know that at least 5 new teams have made the playoffs each year for the last 12 years?!?!? And last year 7 new teams entered the postseason. So before you snicker, remember those facts.
This is how I see the regular season playing out with the postseason and awards section following.
x-division winner    w- wild card
AFC EAST                                             NFC EAST
x- New England 12-4                          x-NY Giants 12-4
w- Miami 10-6                                      w- Washington 10-6
Buffalo 5-11                                         Dallas 9-7
NY Jets 4-12                                        Philadelphia 8-8
AFC SOUTH                                         NFC SOUTH
x- Tennessee 11-5                              x- New Orleans 10-6
Houston 10-6                                       Carolina 9-7
Indianapolis 9-7                                   Atlanta 7-9
Jacksonville 5-11                                 Tampa Bay 3-13
AFC NORTH                                         NFC NORTH
x- Baltimore 11-5                                 x- Green Bay 11-5
w- Pittsburgh 11-5                               w- Chicago 10-6
Cincinnati 8-8                                       Minnesota 10-6
Cleveland 3-13                                    Detroit 3-13
AFC WEST                                            NFC WEST
x- San Diego 10-6                               x- San Francisco 9-7
Kansas City 7-9                                   Seattle 8-8
Oakland 5-11                                       Arizona 8-8
Denver 4-12                                         St. Louis 4-12
AFC TITLE GAME                                NFC TITLE GAME
Baltimore over New England            NY Giants over New Orleans
New York Giants 24 Baltimore Ravens 20
First Coach Fired: Dick Jauron, Buffalo
Most Disappointing Player: Maurice Jones-Drew
Breakout Stars: QB Joe Flacco, TE Greg Olsen, WR Ted Ginn
Offensive Rookie of the Year: RB Knowshon Moreno, Denver
Defensive Rookie of the Year: DE Brian Orakpo, Washington
Coach of the Year: Mike Singletary, San Francisco
Defensive Player of the Year: DT Albert Haynesworth, Washington
MVP: QB Drew Brees, New Orleans