Random thoughts about the week that was in the NFL.

The Dolphins will lose every game they turn it over 4 times, but I don’t think that they’ll make that a habit this season.
I will be wrong on the Falcons if they play defense like that this season.
Tony Gonzalez is REALLY going to help Matt Ryan.
Drew Brees was my MVP last season, and he is well on his way to being it again this year. Where would the Saints be without him???
Glad I drafted him on most of my fantasy teams.
The Lions have 31 new players this year. They should have made it 50.
Eli Manning looked poised and confident against the Redskins. Washington is stout up front, but he’ll need more out of the running game than he got Sunday.
Don’t crown the Jets yet.
Don’t dismiss the Texans yet.
I was impressed with the Jets defense however. Mark Sanchez looked good too.
New England is very good, and very lucky.
Good to see Tom Brady back.
Not so much for those uniforms they were wearing.  They played like the old Pats for most of the game.
Leodis McKelvin…those are the kind of plays that get coaches fired. You can’t fumble in that spot.
I’d feel bad for Bills fans, but 1. They’ve seen worse and 2. I don’t like the Bills.
Marvin Lewis. Please. Next time play a prevent defense. It’s to prevent a disaster like that. It could also help prevent you from being fired.
Feeling good about picking the 49ers to win the West. Especially if they can rush the passer like that every week.
Arizona will not be going back to the Super Bowl. Or the playoffs.
Kurt Warner has the mobility of a stop sign.
I really like that Peyton Manning commercial. You know the one I am talking about.
I would have rushed to sign Jeff Garcia if I was Carolina. They will settle for AJ Feely.
If I were Donavan McRib I’d be concerned about my job…and playing this week thru the pain.
I’d be more concerned about my job if I were Kevin Kolb.
The Eagles will find things much tougher against Drew Brees this week. Just a hunch.
I still see the Redskins as a 10 win team. Losing to the Giants in New York by 6 isn’t shameful.
Santana Moss has to be more involved though.
I don’t see the Bears winning 10 anymore. Injuries change everything.
The Vikings will be playoff bound in Chicago’s place.
If they don’t start covering kicks better then I’ll be taking that statement back. They gave up an NFL record 7 return touchdowns last year and started out by giving another up in the opener.
I take it back. St. Louis won’t be good on defense or offense.
In the span of less than an hour Sunday afternoon officials missed 12 men on the field calls in 2 different games. Both had to be challenged to be caught.
Baltimore scored the 4th MOST points in the AFC last year. They’ve scored the most points in the AFC this year…at least after one week.
I am trying to say offense won’t be a problem for the Ravens.
If the Bucs run the ball this well every week, they’ll have a chance to win every game.
How could you not be happy for Cadillac?
Who does Tony Romo miss less, TO or Jessica?
I don’t do power rankings for the NFL. Why does anyone? This isn’t college.
I am glad the NFL isn’t college. You’d have to go back to 1993 to see the last time the two top seeds made it to the Super Bowl.
I am getting tired and the Chargers are about to send this game to overtime. Ugh.
Someone should have told Jack Del Rio that Reggie Wayne is the go-to guy for the Colts.
Marvin Harrison will NOT be brought back to Indy.
I think there is a LOT we DON’T know about Marvin.
I think quarterbacks get WAY too much credit.
I take it back, Sproles up the middle. San Diego wins. LT2 watches from the bench at the end.
I suppose Phillip Rivers will get the credit.  Whatever.
I am going to bed.