No Chance

The NFL is the league where anything can happen.  Everyone has a chance for the magical turnaround.  The Dolphins and Falcons are clearly examples of this from last year.  Nobody would have projected those teams for the playoffs before the season.

And that’s what makes the NFL so great in many people’s eyes.  In the NBA, you pretty much know right now there are about 8, 10 teams tops with chance to win it all.  In MLB, much the same.  More often than not, we can predict to a tee who we will be seeing in the playoffs in these sports.

Not the NFL.

But screw it, I am going tell you some teams are done.  No chance you’ll be seeing them in the playoffs.  I don’t care what’s happened in the past.  These teams are not going to sniff the playoffs.

DETROIT- Really?  You wanna argue with me about a team that has lost 17 straight games?!?!  The Lions turned over about half their roster, which is good.  They just gotta fix the other half now.

TAMPA BAY- Sorry Bucs fans.  Last year’s finish will carry over to this year I believe.  Rookie head coach, messy QB situation, starting safety suspended first four games.  Nothing is screaming a return to what Tampa was during their 9-3 start last season.  Welcome to the basement Tampa Bay.

ST. LOUIS- The Lambs, errr, Rams are a long way from the greatest show on turf.  Torry Holt was about the last link to the glory years and now he is gone.  This team is clearly in rebuilding mode and desperately need to figure out their QB situation for the future, and for that matter, the present.

NY JETS- Everybody and their mom loves this team and Mark Sanchez.  But how will they be better going from Brett Favre to a rookie?  This isn’t fantasy-land and although the NY media will sing this team’s praises, they are just false prophets as the Jets won’t see .500 unless they are looking up at teams above them in the standings.

CLEVELAND- Eric Mangeni inherits quite the mess.  Braylon Edwards is one of football’s most gifted recievers but he can’t catch a cold and he qualifies as this offense’s only real threat.  Defensively they are a cross between old and untalented.

CINCINNATI- How does Marvin Lewis still have a job?  Does the cheapest organization in the NFL just not want to pay to fire him?  The team is filled with troublemakers and guys who think they are better than they really are.  They’ll be battling the Browns for the basement in the AFC North.

DENVER- When it rains, it pours.  Mike Shannahan didn’t get the Broncos back to the Super Bowl after Elway retired and Terrell Davis suffered career-ending injuries, but at least he had them competitive.  A girl’s flag football team could score on their defense and their best player on offense doesn’t want to be there and doesn’t know the playbook yet of a new coach who has already shown to be in over his head.

OAKLAND- That JaMarcus Russell-Calvin Johnson decision will looker dumber after each year.  They actually have some pieces to work with on defense, but when the head coach is breaking the jaw of his assistants and Skeletor is still running the show, I can’t see them playing meaningful games in January.

So eight are out.  The other 24 are fair game.  If you really believe one of the above teams will make the playoffs, I suggest you go win some big money in Vegas.