No Pressure for Daniel Snyder to Change Redskins Name

dan snyder

The NFL team in Washington is still the biggest sports franchise in town.

The new mayor of Washington wants team owner Daniel Snyder to move back into the district despite the team’s name and logo which some people think is a racial slur. Changing team names is rare in major league sports. The Tampa Bay Rays ownership dropped the Devil part of the name a few years back. In December 1964, Houston Colt 45s owners dropped the name for a variety of reasons including a conflict with the Colt fire arms company over copyright issues and Houston’s position in the space industry as the city housed NASA. The team was rebranded the Astros. The New York Titans under new ownership became the Jets in 1963.

Logos do change. Colleges have dropped Native American names and logos although some  have survived because of agreements with local tribes. Snyder could easily change the name but won’t until one thing happens–the money dries up.

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