The Breakdown Showcase At Tampa Preparatory School

The Breakdown Showcase will take place at Tampa Preparatory School on September 30.  This showcase gives an opportunity for prospective student-athletes in high school to play in front of Division II, Division III, NAIA and JUCO programs as DI program will get scouting reports on the prospects that attend this event.

There is a Junior Breakdown Showcase that 5th through 8th graders can attend, but the focus on these annual Breakdown Showcases is for prospective high schoolers to show what their fundamentals and skill sets in a front college program and media outlets. The cost to participate in these events is $99.00 for both “Breakdown Showcase” and “Junior Breakdown Showcase”.

There will 10 plus media outlets out these events such as Bay Area Hoops, The Hoops Report, Florida Bulletin and Blue Chips. For visitors who want to be a spectator at the event; admission is $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for kids.

Team Breakdown is a premier AAU program based out of South Florida that has had athletes come through their programs such as Brandon Knight (NBA), Kenny Boynton (Florida) and Tony Mitchell (Texas A&M). Team Breakdown is an Under Armour sponsored program that participates in the Under Armour circuit.

The Breakdown showcase has been one of the more notable and credible showcase events in Florida for over a decade. Players at these events will have a prime opportunity to get college exposure whether it is live at the event, on the media outlet’s websites or the scouting reports that Breakdown does themselves and post on their website.