The Ugly Truth

Manny and Papi.  Steroids and the Red Sox.  And then the headline this weekend that two staffers of the Sox were fired by the team after being investigated by MLB for steroid use.  Same team, but what, if any, is the connection?  The Globe  reported the employee news, and probably knew about it for awhile but was following those bread crumbs when The Times scooped them this week with the Manny/Papi story.

Alex Cyr and Jared Remy.  How do they connect?  Here we go down the rabbit hole.

Cyr was busted with a vial of steroids last July, which started everything unraveling. Cyr was more than security, he was a part-time assistant to Manny Ramirez, often running errands for the slugger. Implication number one.

Cyr told investigators he bought his steroids from co-worker Jared Remy (son of NESN broadcaster Jerry). Remy, for his part, was very close to Felix Leopoldo Marquez, and claims he and Marquez openly discussed and used steroids together. Marquez was a salaried personal assistant to David Ortiz.  Implication number two.

So how do you like those apples?  Think there is any chance steroid abuse has been running rampent in Boston for years?  Or are these simply coincidences?  But if there is a connection, wouldn’t we have to believe most, if not everyone, within the organization was aware?

I’ve always thought baseball, and Bud Selig, shameful for attempting to simply throw Barry Bonds under the bus for the steroids era.  For the most part, it worked.  Bonds became one of the most despised and hated men in sports.  The game was lifted up.  It’s history celebrated, and we would not let this steroid, BALCO ogar ruin our game.  Then baseball allowed an investigation where they threw their hands in the air and pretended to have no idea what has been going on for a long, long time.  Drugs, PED’s, steroids, and so much more.  And we found out, it wasn’t just Bonds.  And with each passing day, we should become more convinced Bonds was not acting alone.

Everyone has known.  Its like any office or workplace, everybody knows what is going on behind the scenes, everyone else’s business.  People are gossips by nature.

Baseball has a code: What you see here, what you hear here, let it stay here, when you leave here.  I gotta say, they did a great job of doing that for a LONG, LONG time.  If only the law and Jose Canseco hadn’t gotten in the way it would still be the presine national pastime.  Wink, wink.