Top Sports Stories Of 2015

The Biggest and Best Sports Moments of 2015

I love doing this. The highlights. The lowlights. The heroes and the goats. The famous and infamous. Some funny. Some serious. Some happy. Some sad. So many players, coaches, stories, and games that impacted the history of sports in 2015. These are more than those simple definitions. These are the moments. The people who shaped those moments, and those moments that will remind us of what made 2015 the year it was. Here are my top 50 sports moments in 2015.


50. T”IK”O: Geno Smith Jacked Up

49. End of the Rainbow: Jeff Gordon retires

Jeff Gordon

48. Concussion: Chris Borland retires

Chris Borland

47. Love at Louisville: Escort Accusations

Rick Pitino

46. Speaking of Hookers: Lamar Odom Nearly Dies In A Brothel

45. You’re Flippin’ Kiddin’ Me: Blue Jays comeback in Game 5 against Rangers

44. Boo-Ya: Stu Scott dies

43. Just an old  ball coach now: Steve Spurrier steps down


42. Baby You’re a Firework: JPP blows up hand on 4th of July

41. Terrible Timing: La’El Collins Becomes A Murder Suspect, Isn’t Drafted


40. 7th Heaven: Clippers-Spurs Game 7 One of the best ever

39. Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me: Aaron Hernandez Found Guilty


38. More A-Bombs: ARod passes Willie Mays 661 in comeback season

37. Chip Off The Block: Chip Kelly Trades Everyone And Is Then Fired By Eagles

36. Meltdown In Miami: Dolphins And Canes Fire Coaches

Al GoldenJoe Philbin

35. Murphy Goat: Mets Daniel Murphy Has Personal HR Derby (7 HR in 9 playoff games)

34. The Dean Missed: Smith dies February 7, Honored By UNC With 4 Corners

Dean Smith

33. Thunderstruck: Billy Donovan leaves Florida for OKC


32. Jerry Nole’Neal: FSU QB situation and Jerry’s Obsession With It

31. Blatter Busted: FIFA controversy

30. Johnny Be Bad: Manziel Keeps Partying

Johnny Manziel

29. What a Day!: Jason goes lowest ever in a major (-20)

28. Gritty, Gutty: Scott Skiles comes home to coach the Magic

27. Almost Famous: Bucs draft Jameis Winston #1

26. In Like A Lion: Orlando City Soccer debuts


25.There’s No Crying In Baseball!: Wilmer Flores Has A Strange Moment

24. Wild Wings: Gators, Wolverines resurrected

23. O-H. I-OH NO: Buckeyes year-long QB Indecision

22. Peyton Loses Footing: Peyton Manning injured, benched, accused


21. O-“12″Leary: UCF worst in America and O’Leary retires


20. Youth Is Served: Coach 1K + Duke’s 5th national title

19. Big Splash: Golden State best NBA start ever (25-0)


18. Serena Slammed: Great Upset Ever by Roberta Vinci Denies Williams 2015 Slam

US Open

17. “Holly Cow”: Rousey knocked out by Holm

16. You’re Saying There’s A Chance?: Daily Fantasy Sports Under Fire

The Two Largest Daily Fantasy Football Websites

15. , and   :DeAndre Jordan’s change of 

DeAndre Jordan

14. Royalty- KC Wins First World Series Since 1985

13. Keep Dabbin’: Cam Newton and the Nearly Unbeaten Panthers

Cam Newton

12. Officially the worst: Referees have a rough year

Illegal Bat-NFL

11. Air Jordan: Speith wins first 2 majors, so close on final pair

10. 3rd String: Ohio State’s Cardale Jones Leads Buckeyes To CFB Playoff Title

9. Hat trick!: USWNT wins 3rd World Cup behind Carli Lloyd’s 3 goals

8. Triple Crown: American Pharoah ends the drought

7. Nobody’s Purrr-fect: UK hoops unbeaten until Final Four

6. So (Much) Money: Mayweather beats Pacquiao in Fight of the Century

5. What’s the catch?: NFL catch rule continues to haunt us

4. Warriors Come Out To Play: Golden State wins first title in 40 years

3. It’s Not Over ‘Til It’s Over: College Football’s Fantastic finishes

2. The Butler Did It: Tragic Ending to a Fantastic Super Bowl

1. Deflating: Deflategate Defines The Year

Tom Brady