Tuck’s Top Twelve

In the 2 marque national games this weekend 2 freshman quarterbacked their teams to victory, albeit in different manners in different arenas.  Michigan’s Tate Forcier was fantastic most of the day in front of the home folks and made the big plays his team needed him to make in order to win.  USC’s Matt Barkley leaned heavily on his teammates, but the big road win will go on his resume.  Pete Carroll’s team will lose this year, but it was not meant to be on Saturday night.  They outcoached the the Buckeyes and remain unbeaten.

I don’t know what to say about FSU.  And I don’t know what it will mean for them the rest of the season.  Florida will try to get excited and pretend to be upset with the Vols this week, but let’s be honest, they are playing the jersey’s, NOT the bodis wearing them.  Tennessee is a season or two away from being any sort of factor in the SEC.  Oklahoma State certainly didn’t handle prosperity very well, did they?  Can’t say I am too surprised.  And I guess that Irish defense isn’t national championship caliber quite yet, eh???  Things are still being shuffled so don’t be alarmed by too much movement or a lack thereof.  There hasn’t been enough to go off of yet for some teams.

Here is this week’s top 12.

1) Florida (2-0) – No reason to move them yet.  I doubt they’ll give me reason next week either.

2) Texas (2-0) – A bit of a struggle with Wyoming before kicking it into gear.  A chance to evenge their only loss last season comes this week at home against the Red Raiders.

3) California (2-0) – Top 3 remains the same for back-2-back weeks as the Bears crush an inferior opponent.

4) BYU (2-0) – The Cougars haven’t even played at home yet. but will this coming Saturday night against FSU.  Max Hall is a Heisman longshot, but is creeping into the picture.

5) USC (2-0) – The Trojans weren’t impressive, but the results were.  They earned this ranking.

6) Alabama (2-0) – The Tide have developed the bad habit in the Saban era of playing up and down to opponents, as they did for 3 quarters against lowly FIU.

7) Boise State (2-0) – The Broncos looked much sharper, albeit against a much weaker team this week.  Their schedule may not allow them to continuesly climb however in my rankings.

8) TCU (1-0) – Jumped all over Virginia with a suffocating defense the Horned Frogs have become known for.  They get Texas State next before another chance to prove their worth at Clemson.

9) LSU (2-0) – Played sloppy in the slop, lacked explosive plays, and let Vandy hang around.  Still waiting to see how good the Tigers actually are.

10) Cincinnati (2-0) – Obliterated their first two offerings, and have my attention.  Will they be able to seperate from the rest of the Big East?  Only time will tell.

11) Ohio State (1-1) – Felt like they were the better team but got outcoached.  Tyrelle Pryor was a major disappointment.

12) Oklahoma (1-1) – The Sooners needed Idaho State in the worst way, and looked the part of a top team.  They get Tulsa, and a week off, before travelling to Miami, hopefully with Sam Bradford in uniform, not just a ballcap.

Checking out: Oklahoma State (not ready for prime-time and 2/3 of their offensive monster got hurt), Notre Dame (or should I say Notre ame b/c there is still no D), and Ole Miss (no game, but nothing accomplished to keep them in)


STIFF-ARMING STATUE RACE: QB Colt McCoy, QB Tim Tebow, RB Jahvid Best, RB Dion Lewis, QB Tony Pike, QB Daryll Clark, QB Jacory Harris, QB Tate Forcier, QB Jimmy Clausen

Still a crowd that could include more guys.  Should start to become a little more clear in a couple of weeks.  Much like the top 12 which had 3 teams lose last week.

Interesting upcoming week…Virginia Tech hosts Nebraska and Georgia Tech travels to Miami…good chance the winners could join my rankings.  Southern Cal has an interesting trip to Washington (who ended their 15 game losing skid this week), Notre ame tries to bounce back against a Michigan State team licking its wounds, but always trouble for the Irish.  Boise State plays one of their remaining challenges going to Fresno State.  Georgia goes to Arkansas, Arizona-Iowa, West Virginia-Auburn, and Cincy-Oregon State are all VERY interesting gauge games.  Should be a fun week to further sort out the pieces.