Vick-tim of Technology?

Mike Vick is in trouble.  Sort of.

Tony Dungy was quick to scold the Eagles quarterback for being caught drinking an alcoholic beverage in the Philadelphia airport.

Now look, I get it.  I understand Dungy’s point, and even agree with it to a certain extent.  When you are walking on thin ice, tread lightly.

But at some point, can’t common sense kick in?

There are a lot of people that will never forgive Mike Vick, and are chomping at the bit, just waiting for him to somehow screw up.  When you are seeking forgiveness and acceptance you generally go out of the way to seek approval.  You attempt to do everything the right way.  You gotta know all eyes are on you, and what you say and do will carefully be watched and critiqued.  Mike Vick even has stipulations built in that he must abide by if he is to be completely reinstated into the NFL.

I understand.  Totally.  But seriously.  Vick is simply the victim of our advanced society and technology.  Big brother is everywhere.  And he is us.  We are gossip freaks.  We want to and seemingly have to know everything about everything and everyone.  It’s actually laughable.  Nobody has any privacy anymore, especially if you are famous.  Or infamous.

Mike Vick was having a drink, a vodka and pineapple juice (for those who must know), while waiting for a flight.  Last I checked, that isn’t a crime.  It’s not even close!

Now, if Vick was battling a substance abuse problem or alcoholism, then I’d understand some outrage.  But this a man who spent nearly two years in prison and if he wants to have a drink while at an airport who on earth thinks that is something that should be frowned upon?  He wasn’t drunk.  He wasn’t getting drunk.  He was minding his own business and someone snapped a photo and took notice.

What a bunch of snitches we’ve become.  Tattle-tails.  All of us!  What a TMZ society we have!

Vick did nothing wrong, and I recognize Tony Dungy’s heart is in the right place in saying what he says, I think we’d be better off reexamining how we conduct our own lives and what is right and wrong.

And if you are a going to tattle on someone, make sure they’re doing something wrong first.