Video: Marcell Ozuna Scores Walk Off Run


Wow. Just wow. I know this isn’t like a “holy crap” moment in baseball but just look at the scenario here. The Marlins were scoreless against the Mets Wednesday night in the bottom 9th inning. The Marlins had men on the corners with one out in the inning. As you’ll see in the video below, outfielder Marcell Ozuna was at bat and manages a sac fly to score the go ahead run. You’d figure from the picture above they won the world series.

I’m shocked at the Marlins this year. Last year they were horrible. They couldn’t win a game if their lives were on the line. Their final record was 62-100. That was by far the worst in the NL East. They’ve really turned it around thus far. In fact, they’ve won eight out of their last ten games, with a four game win streak as of last night. That’s a nice run they’re on.

I saw the score final score last night but didn’t realize they won in walk-off fashion. What’s even more amazing is the stats the announcer fires off at the very end of the video.