What’s Wrong with College Football

Let me count the ways.  The sport I love more than any other always finds ways to break my heart.  Why can’t we get along?

1) Playoffs?  You wanna talk, Playoffs?  Yeah, I’d love to.  College football, however, choses to live in the stone ages and doesn’t accept that the rest of us, and every other major sport has a playoff.  At least high school football crowns state champions, but their mythical national champion is no different than I-A football.

2) Plus 1, Plus One, or +1.  Stop using that saying!!!!  It drives me nuts.  What you people who say this are referring to is….A PLAYOFF!!!

3) Scheduling.  Look, I understand having balanced and equal schedules is an impossible dream in college.  Pro is easy with 30-32 teams.  Much more difficult with 120.  But that’s not what irks me.  What bothers me is pretending its a just system when teams routinely play 7-8 home games in a 12 team schedule.  Could you imagine if the Steelers played 10 home games and 6 road games?  Stupid.

4) Scheduling Part 2.  Conferences crown champions when they don’t even play each other.  That’s what these super leagues have created.  Thanks for the Pac-10 and Big East for playing a full round robin.

5) Playing I-AA teams.  Why?  Why?  Why?  It’d be like NBA teams playing WNBA teams or NFL teams playing UFL teams.  Nobody wants to see that.  And 51% of the games in Week One involve I-AA teams.  Only 4 teams have never stooped to that level…thank you to Notre Dame, USC, UCLA, and Washington.

6) Weeknight games.  College football was meant for Saturdays.  All day long baby.  I’ll even be flexible for Thursdays.  But everything is overkill.

7) Bowl games.  Glorified exhibitions.  Every single one of you, except that mythical National Title Game.  Oh sure, I’ll watch.  But that’s only because I love the game, that doesn’t love me back.

8) And speaking of bowl games, how bout those matchups?  Like everything else, decisions based on money.  Forget about best matchups for the fans.  BCS bowls make their decisions based on economics only.

9) One more for the stupid bowl games.  Thanks for making me watch mediocre teams play mediocre teams and then talk about it being a reward.  Not for me it isn’t!  6-6 vs. 6-6 and the team went 2-6 in conference but cleaned up out-of-conference with 4 extra home games and playing a I-AA opponent to boot.

10) Quit telling me I love you college football because you give me something to argue about!  I can argue about anything and everything in sports.  It doesn’t mean I want to!

I love the passion.  I love the sport.  I love the rivalries.  I love Saturday’s (and the occasional Thursday).  I love college football from this Thursday until the first weekend in December.  But college football will never be #1 in my heart because it doesn’t care what I think.