Where does Brett Favre fit in on all-time QB list?

Loved Brett as a player.  I think he brought as much, if not more, enthusiasm to the position than anyone ever.  He was wreckless at times, but that same never-say-die attitude is also what made him so great, for so long.  His ability to endure pain is unrivaled.  His streak of consecutive starts is SOOOOO much more impressive than Cal Ripkin’s.  No offense ironman, but football is a different monster than baseball.  But Brett isn’t the greatest ever, he’s not even in the top 5.  Top 10, yes.  Here’s my list.

1) Dan Marino

2) Joe Montana

3) Peyton Manning

4) Johnny Unitas

5) John Elway

6) Brett Favre

7) Tom Brady

8) Dan Fouts

9) Steve Young

10) Warren Moon