Where will Vick go?

Now that we know the punishment, teams know what they are getting into.  Mike Vick is one of the most unique players to ever play in the NFL.  His skill set has probably taken a hit with all this time off, but his health has got to be as high as its been in awhile without taking football hits.  He will not be entertained as a starting QB this year.  No team will bring him in with the idea he can start knowing he’ll miss a minimum of the first 5 games.  With that said, here are teams that will look at adding him with the hope he can be a playmaker at some point for them this year, and potentially down the road.

Cincinnati- A tiger’s stripes never change, as the Bengal’s love to take chances on guys who struggle with the law.  Carson Palmer hasn’t been his pro bowl self since tearing his ACL a couple seasons ago and if things don’t go well they may go in a different direction.

Jacksonville- Jack Del Rio’s seat is getting warm after a disasterous season last year, and David Garrard didn’t exactly live up to his new contract.  Plus, the addition of Vick may help fill a few seats currently covered by black tarps.

Oakland- Doesn’t make much sense with a young QB and a veteran QB already in place, but little Al Davis does nowadays does.

Washington- Jason Campbell is a nice QB, but nobody in DC seems to like him.  Vick could actually have a chance to start at some point if the wheels fall off early in the year.  The Skins certainly crave attention in the most star-studded division in football, which Vick would give them.

Minnesota- If Brett Favre decides to stay retired, this could be Vick’s best chance to start at some point this season.

Carolina- Jake Delhomme’s playoff meltdown isn’t very far in the rearview, and he isn’t getting any better.  A change under center could be the next step.

St. Louis- Marc Bulger: See Jake Delhomme.

San Francisco- Seems logical enough, no real direction at the QB spot right now, but unsure of if new coach Mike Singletary wants to take on this challenge.

Teams like the Saints and Patriots could show interest, but if Mike Vick has choices, its unlikely he ends up at places he has NO chance to start and/or play QB.