Chris Hansen Has Not Given Up On Getting A Seattle NBA Team

Two arenas never work.


If at first, if you don’t succeed, try, try again. Chris Hansen is once again attempting to get a National Basketball Association franchise in Seattle. This despite the fact that there are no NBA franchises available and he doesn’t have a suitable arena. In fact, all he has is an arena plan that Seattle politicians turned down in 2016. Hansen now has one more obstacle in the way, the home of Seattle’s last NBA franchise is being gutted and rebuilt except for the walls and roof of the place. But Hansen is persisting and would like to put an arena near the city’s baseball and football stadiums in an area choked with traffic. That is one of the reasons that Hansen never went ahead with the plan.

Hansen’s new gambit is that the NBA will come if he builds an arena because an NBA team could not share the renovated Seattle Civic Center building with an NHL expansion team. Why? There might not be enough revenue in one building for an NBA and NHL team although there are NBA-NHL shared facilities in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Washington, Philadelphia, Boston, Denver, Toronto and for now Brooklyn. Some of the teams have the same owner, but in Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia and Brooklyn, there are different owners of the franchises. Hansen was relying on an ESPN article which quoted sources as saying the NBA might want a Seattle team to be a primary tenant of a new Seattle building. It would put Seattle ahead of others in an expansion team race. Seattle has the best corporate market of all the cities in the United States without an NBA team and it certainly has a better TV market than Louisville which might be a competitor. But nothing is happening. Hansen will continue his quest but he might be tilting at windmills.