London, Paris, Berlin? NBA May Put Future One Night Only Games In Those Towns

Euros speak.



The National Basketball Association is trying to figure out its international stops for the 2019-2020 season. London has been part of an international rotation that has included Mexico City during the regular season as a one night stand. But London could be replaced by Paris. The NBA might also consider a stop in Berlin but the league is not going to put any games in either Spain or Italy. Cities in those countries do not have a state of the art NBA building. It is all about the building not fan interest in places like Barcelona and Rome. That is a small part of the reason the NBA never got around to forming a European Division something that long time NBA Commissioner David Stern said would be possible by 2010. Stern was hoping that there would be enough state of the art European arenas that would make a division possible. Right now, London, Paris and Berlin have what the NBA wants.

London, despite the fact that England is having all sorts of problems in getting a deal together to leave the European Union and the possibility that the country’s economic picture may be clouded with the exit, is a major stop for the National Football League. The league will again have a number of games in the city in 2019. Major League Baseball is sending the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox to play two games in the city in June. The National Hockey League has staged a contest in the city but seems to have turned its back on London and is concentrating its international games in more hockey friendly countries. Europe is a very basketball friendly market and has established basketball leagues. The NBA, perhaps, is mindful of that as well. The league gets NBA ready players out of Europe. The NBA also likes Euros and pounds. Money talks.


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