Chasing Yuans, Pounds And Pesos

The NBA is playing games and looking for yuans in China



The National Basketball Association finishes the NBA Global Games China 2017 this weekend with the Golden State Warriors-Minnesota Timberwolves pre-season game in Shanghai. The NBA has made significant inroads in China over the past decade and is far ahead of other North American based sports leagues who are trying to get a market share and a few yuans. The National Hockey League staged two games in September in Shanghai and Beijing and is now analyzing its first foray into China. The National Football League is still trying to stage a game in China.


The National Basketball Association and the National Football League are on the same page in pushing the business elsewhere. Mexico City, despite a devastating earthquake and an ongoing recovery effort, will host a NFL game and there will be two NBA games in the city in December. The NFL is trying to establish a major foothold in London with four regular season games in 2017. The NBA will have a game in London in January.  The National Hockey League is going to Sweden in November. The National Basketball Association got very lucky in gaining a foothold in China with a locally developed star Yao Ming. The National Football League has fumbled all of its China endeavors since 2007. The NFL had scheduled a 2007 pre-season game in Beijing but it was canceled. Another scheduled game in 2009 never came off. Major League Baseball was in China in 2008. Why are North American sports leagues in China? Easy answer. To make money and how does that happen? You sell the logo on hats, t-shirts and other products. You also hope that local residents but various video packages that are available. The NHL is skipping the 2018 South Korea Olympics but will more than likely be at Beijing 2022. Yuans are the reason.



The NHL would like to make inroads in China.