Clippers Playing Lakers And Knicks In Arena Game

Steve Ballmer wants a new Inglewood home but is fighting with NBA brothers.



It appears that Steve Ballmer is going to have a slightly more difficult road to travel to get a new basketball arena built for his National Basketball Association Clippers in Inglewood, California. The members of the California Assembly Natural Resources Committee have decided not to fast track a couple of projects that involved sports, Ballmer’s arena and mass transit proposals for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. The Assembly’s action appears to be more of a nuisance than a show stopper. SB 789, would have allowed Ballmer to bypass provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act.  That statute forces developers like Ballmer to reveal how the construction of a building or other projects impact California’s environment. It is not a deal breaker but it will slow down the process of building a new Clippers arena. Ballmer does not need a building until 2024 as he has a lease with AEG to use the downtown LA arena.


SB 789 was introduced by State Senator Steven Branford who just happens to represent Inglewood. Madison Square Garden happens to own the Forum, an arena that has been part of Inglewood for 50 years. The Garden would like to stop Ballmer from building his project in the neighborhood because a new arena would threaten the Garden’s ability to both bring in and promote concerts in Inglewood because of competition. In fact the Garden ran attacks ads against SB 789 and Branford. “So-called ‘Democratic’ state senator Steve Bradford is trying to gut CEQA,”  Branford went on the offensive in an editorial in a Los Angeles area newspaper and started listing all of the benefits of an Inglewood arena and how it would transform Inglewood even though sports has been a part of Inglewood for decades with an arena and horse racing. Branford views Inglewood as a regional hub. The battle between sports titans has just started in Inglewood.


James Dolan


Dolan wants to block Ballmer in putting up an arena in Inglewood