‘LeBron’s Supporting Cast Actually Decided To Show Up’

LeBron’s teammates bring the Cavs back into the conference final

“LeBron’s supporting cast actually decided to show up.”  With that, Sherrod Blakely of NBC Boston sumed up game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals in the NBA pretty handily.  James has been every bit as good as basketball fans have come to expect, but the rest of the Cavaliers have struggled at times this postseason, especially in the first two games against Brad Stevens’ Celtics.

With a win in game 4, Cleveland could be right back to where they need to be.  Blakely joined The Guys In The Game with Steve Kyler and Joey Quatato on Sunday to talk about the series, both from Blakely’s familiar Boston perspective and with an eye on the Cavs as well.

LeBron only had 27 points on Saturday night in the victory, lower than the 40 he had scored earlier in the series, but it gave his supporting cast the opportunity to pull their weight that much more.  With so much defensive pressure focused on one guy, opportunities opened up all over the floor for Cleveland.

Blakely points out that the Celtics helped the effort as well with a game that was much sloppier and more disjointed than people would expect out of Brad Stevens’ squad.  What should fans expect from Boston in game four, and what went wrong in game three?  Blakely explains.

Finally, Steve Kyler asks Blakely about a narrative around the Celtics that the youth movement in Boston has made it where the Celtics could have to trade Kyrie Irving just to make room for the younger players, both in terms of cap space and playing time.  Blakely explains what challenges await the Celtics next season and this offseason.

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