Mr. Durant Needs To Go To Washington

Durant should go to the White House to voice his complaints.


Kevin Durant should visit the White House, if the Golden State Warriors, the National Basketball Association’s best team in 2016-17, is honored with a White House celebration and here is why. Durant can use the platform of being face to face with the President of the United States and explain exactly why he didn’t want to go to the White House and tell the President about what he perceives as the problems facing the nation. Durant has made it clear that he will not show up if there is an invitation. “Nah, I won’t do that,” Durant said in an interview on ESPN. “I don’t respect who’s in office right now. I don’t agree with what he agrees with, so my voice is going to be heard by not doing that.” Durant feels not attending will speak volumes.  Durant also is thinking about sharing his opinions on social media.


But Durant is missing out on an opportunity. Kevin Durant is not going to be blackballed by his employer. He can take a stand and not be concerned about what happened to Craig Hodges two and a half decades ago. A Chicago Bulls player Craig Hodges didn’t have any problem telling President George H. W. Bush to his face about his grievances during a White House visit when the President honored the 1992 Bulls NBA Championship team. Hodges made it a point to explain to the President that he did not like White House’s policies concerning the poor and minorities. Not long after the visit, Hodges was out of the NBA at the age of 32. Although he could not prove it, Hodges seemed to have been blackballed by the then 27 NBA owners and never played another NBA game. Hodges did return to the NBA as a special assistant to Los Angeles Lakers in 2005. Durant should use the possible White House opportunity to speak his mind.

Donald Trump

Durant does not like Donald Trump.