Trump Mixes Sports And Politics

Trump alienates NFL Commissioner and NBA players.



There is a large segment of the American population that does not want to mix politics with sports. Apparently Donald Trump is not part of the group. The President had a busy weekend starting with criticizing the National Football League and then withdrawing an invitation to the National Basketball Association’s Golden State Warriors championship team, to be honored at the White House. Trump went after players’ protesting, the NFL’s failing TV ratings and carped about the game not being tough enough anymore. Trump wants the kind of rock ‘em sock ‘em football players that may have contributed to players getting brain damage. A note to someone on the President’s staff. You might want to check on how many former NFL players and do research on college and high school football players to see how many of those rock ‘em, sock ‘em former players have fallen into the SSI and Medicaid safety social net because of football related injuries and lack of insurance coverage.


On Saturday, Donald Trump took to twitter and tweeted, “Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team. Stephen Curry is hesitating, therefore invitation is withdrawn!” On Friday, Stephen Curry said he would vote no if the team were invited to the White House. Kevin Durant previously told ESPN that he would not go to the White House either. There seemed to be no hesitation by Curry, he said no. Athletes from a championship team have no obligation to attend a White House ceremony. The Boston Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas skipped a 2012 salute. The George HW Bush White House celebration of the NBA’s Chicago Bulls championship in 1992 included an exchange between Craig Hodges and the President when Hodges handed President Bush a letter about injustice in the African American community. Hodges was blacklisted from the league. Yes politics and sports do mix.


Stephen Curry


Stephen Curry is the reason Trump does not want the Golden State Warriors management, coaches and players at the White House.