Tuck: I Miss The NBA

I have missed the free agency.  I have missed the trades.  I have missed the rumors, discussion, and predictions.  I have missed the NBA.  And now, I really miss it.

Last night the 2011 season was supposed to begin.  Instead of Mark Cuban raising a banner he was talking about buying the Dodgers.  Instead of the Lakers playing the Thunder, Derek Fisher was still union president and Kevin Durant was a flag football QB. 

I’ve read all the rankings columns I could handle.  I am not sure even I care who is the 19th best PG or the 187th best player in the NBA. 

I’ve devoured all the x-player signing with x-foriegn club necessary.  And I have definitely read enough sentences with BRI in them.  If you don’t know what BRI stands for by now, you probably didn’t notice the NBA season hasn’t begun yet.

I am as fired up as anyone for Alabama-LSU this weekend.  I can’t wait for the Ravens-Steelers game either.  I love football.  But it doesn’t mean I don’t need the NBA. 

Today we should be previewing the Magic opener.  We should be talking about Derrick Rose and Dirk Nowitzki last night.  We should be talking about the Heat, the Lakers and Celtics, and the future of Dwight Howard. 

I get that many of you don’t need the NBA yet.  This column isn’t for you.  We all have our likes and dislikes.  I love the NBA.  I have missed talking NBA and today I relize I don’t have any games to discuss. 

I think stories like games at Rucker Park, dodgeball games, and flag football games are fun.  I do not prefer them over actually talking about these NBA players doing what they do best, playing NBA basketball.