What Happens To The Oakland Arena When The NBA Warriors Vacate?

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The National Basketball Association’s Golden State Warriors team has finished the regular season portion of its 2018-19 Oakland Coliseum Arena schedule and now the question arises. What will become of the building once the Warriors playoff games are finished and ownership moves the team across the bay to San Francisco this summer? A banner reflecting that various Warriors teams played in the Oakland building over a 47 year run was raised in the Oakland arena. That banner will stay in the Oakland building throughout this year’s playoffs and then will go across the Bay Bridge and have a permanent home in San Francisco.  In October 2018, Oakland did catch a break when an arbitrator ruled that Warriors ownership had to pay the remaining $40 million of debt from the 1995 rebuild of the arena. But without the anchor tenant, the Warriors, and with the new Warriors building opening across the bay there is a problem. Many major musical acts and other arena fare will go to the Warriors new building ignoring Oakland. Even though Warriors ownership will pay the remaining debt on the Oakland building, there will be costs associated with keeping the building operational for whatever scraps the Oakland arena management can find to fill dates. It’s costly to operate an empty building.

The San Francisco building probably also means the end of life for Daly City’s Cow Palace which housed the Warriors franchise after it was moved from Philadelphia to the Bay Area in 1962. The arena, which opened in 1941,  once hosted Republican National Conventions, two Beatles concerts and was briefly the home of the National Hockey League’ s San Jose Sharks is still operational but there is not much going on at the old facility except for gun shows. It appears the two old buildings will be relegated to faded memories.