Brandon Bass The Big Brother

randon Bass is currently fighting a sprain ankle that could keep him out until the all-star break. It’s a setback for Bass who has been playing some of his best basketball  of his professional career, but this set back like many Brandon has battled in his life won’t keep him down for too long. Bass grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with his aunt Estelle Bass after losing his mother to a heart attack when he was just ten.  Despite losing his mom at a young age and other obstacles Brandon was able to make it to the NBA. Now Brandon hopes to pass along all the knowledge and experience that’s help him thrive in Basketball and pass it on to another Bass.

“He a big influence in my life” said Chris Bass who is Brandon younger brother and plays at LSU, “Growing up we always stick together, and anything I needed he always there for me. With my mom passing away my brother is the main focal point of my life”

Chris is a junior guard at LSU grew up watching Brandon play at LSU where he was SEC player of the year in 2005 which was the first LSU Tiger to win the award since Shaquille O’Neal did in 1992. Brandon also led LSU to NCAA Tournament in 05 and earned a spot on the LSU Tigers all-century team.

Growing up Chris always had Brandon encouraging him. “We went through a lot together growing up; when it was time for me to go to Lee Academy prep school he was telling me keep my head up and gave me encouragements.”

“I get on him to hard” said Brandon Bass on his brother, “He needs to start being more aggressive and attacking and be more confident in his game”.  Brandon and Chris talk every day despite the hectic schedules that comes from playing basketball for a living.

Chris is competing for playing time at LSU averaging 17 minutes a game which is something Brandon has had to compete for playing his entire NBA Career to this point as ironically Brandon in his NBA Career average for minutes is 17.  This season Brandon is averaging 24 minutes per game averaging 11 points per game, 5 rebounds a game and has started in 26 games this season.  Chris is happy to have Brandon as guidance to help him be successful in Basketball and push him like Brandon does as well as give him advice in life. “He is a laid back guy, a family guy.” A great brother, I could not ask for a better brother” Chris said. “He always tells me to be focus in the classroom.”

Brandon and Chris play each other in the summer one on one and work out together and compete very hard against each other. “We still play in the summer time at Baton Rouge,” said Chris, “We get feisty with each other and arguing, very competitive, arguing, none of us likes to lose we make each other better every summer.”

No matter how competitive Brandon gets with Chris, he still always there to give brotherly advice to Chris and what kind of advice does Brandon give Chris on how to succeed in Basketball?  “Always work hard, live in the gym, listen to the coaches, lead by example, be focus.”    It’s uncertain what the future  holds for both Brandon and Chris, but the one thing that is guaranteed is no matter what happens they will be go through to it together.

News and Notes

-Brandon Bass is still followed closely by LSU as just last season I interviewed Brandon for  to catch up with LSU Fans on how he doing  in his first season with the Magic here story by LSU Associate SID, Matt Dunaway  and  my interview  with Brandon for    on February 16, 2010

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-With the loss  to the Boston Celtics, the Magic record since the trade drop to 16-10. The Magic record before the trade was 16-10.

–  Following the loss in the postgame, Magic Head Coach Stan Van Gundy took the blame for the offense struggles. “I was awful.” Said Van Gundy in postgame press conference, “I just could not find anything for us to run to get a decent shot. I didn’t know who to play, I really did a poor job today.”

– Van Gundy also not happy with the play of Hedo Turkuglu. “I don’t have any idea, I don’t like the way he’s playing at all.  I don’t like his decision making, his shot selection, his energy.  Usually with Turk there will be two or three plays that are a little crazy.  But for the most part I think his decisions are usually good. I’ve never been through a stretch with him were the majority of the plays he’s making, I’m sort of saying what the hell is he doing.”

– On if the Magic are on the same level as Boston and Miami?  “Not even close,” said Van Gundy, not even in the same ballpark as these guys. We can be, but we’re not right now, I think that showed today.”

– Special thanks to Jessica Camerato who covers the Celtics for ComcastSports.Net New England (CSNNE.Com) for sending the quotes from Van Gundy postgame. You can follow her @JCameratoNBA

– It’s not 111 million people watching, but its still good numbers for Magic-Celtics game on Sunday drew a 2.8  overnight rating on ABC up 33% from last year’s  Magic-Celtics game on Super Sunday. It’s the highest rated NBA Game on ABC on Super Bowl Sunday, easily topping the previous record set in 2005 between Lakers and Rockets. It’s also highest rated NBA Game on Super Sunday since 2002.