The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men Often Go Astray

COVID-19 is bigger than sports.  

Major League Soccer plans to get its season going again on July 8th. The National Basketball Association is hoping to get its season back on track around July 30th. Both sports leagues will be using the Walt Disney World property in central Florida near Orlando as the site for matches and games. There is a problem that has bubbled up to the surface. Florida has seen spikes in COVID-19. Some NBA players apparently are not interested in living in a bubble-type facility at Disney World which would require being tested for COVID-19 on a regular basis and limit their ability to socialize. If a player does test positive for COVID-19, that player would be isolated and quarantined and they would be contact tracing and testing of others. The Florida spike is worrisome. COVID-19 is not going away.

The MLS plans to hold an in-season tournament and then go back to the various home markets where the remainder of the 2020 season is scheduled to be played. But the MLS has teams in Texas, Florida, in California, in Washington where cases of COVID-19 are growing. The NBA plans to finish out its season and playoffs at the Disney property. The National Hockey League wants to open training camps on July 10th but no decision has been made to hold the camps. The NHL has a list of cities that could be hubs but Canada is requiring anyone coming into the country to self-quarantine for two weeks. Some teams have opened their facilities to allow players in the area to skate. But all the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Major League Baseball floated a plan to start its season in a bubble in the Phoenix area with all 30 teams using area spring training facilities. Suddenly, Arizona’s hospital system is close to its capacity.

Photo: MLS Soccer