To Play Or Not To Play Basketball? That Is The Question

A risky business.  

The deadline is at hand. National Basketball Association players have to let the league and member teams know whether they will show up to the NBA Walt Disney World bubble near Orlando, Florida to play the remainder of the season. The players will be isolated in an effort to stay healthy and stay free of COVID-19. The NBA ownership group and players hope to resume action at the end of July. Orlando is one of America’s leading COVID-19 hot spots. An average of 17 percent of those tested in the Orlando area between June 16th and 20th had a positive result. Those numbers cannot be viewed as promising for the NBA. At least one Major Soccer League player tested positive for COVID-19 while getting ready for the MLS restart of the season at another part of the Walt Disney World property. The NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said data and science would determine when the NBA could resume operations. Right now, the tests results in Orlando and Orange County, Florida are not good. The NBA and the players and coaches and assorted team personnel know there is a health risk in resuming the season.  There is no Plan B to put the NBA into another area. It is Disney World’s bubble isolation or bust.

The NBA bubble has some flaws. The Disney World workers that will be assigned to work with the league personnel will not be staying within the bubble and will be going home daily. The league claims there will be a proper safety protocol but cannot guarantee there aren’t health risks. If a player says no, there will be no discipline of the player. That player just won’t get paid. The players won’t have much freedom in the bubble, it will be sleep, eat, play and hope to stay healthy.