Are You Ready For Some Football? Roger Goodell Is Ready 

No real road map ahead.


Roger Goodell is not promising that the National Football League will play a 2020 season but the NFL Commissioner said in a Facetime call with Karios CEO Ankur Jain that the “NFL is planning to play.” There is a world of difference in saying planning to play as opposed to the NFL will play. Goodell’s statement comes with an awful lot of ambiguity and with good reason. Each of the 32 NFL franchises’ training facilities is closed. The NFL has scaled back its Las Vegas draft because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even if the NFL did try to play regular season games starting in September there are governors from both sides of the aisle such as California Democrat Gavin Newsom, Ohio Republican Mike DeWine, Illinois Democrat J. B. Pritzker and New Jersey Democrat Phil Murphy who may bar large gatherings of people in a confined space to watch NFL games. That impacts eight teams. The NFL has hurdles to climb in terms of health for just its personnel starting with classroom study and having groups of players and coaches together in a small space. Then there is the need to constantly test the players and coaches. That brings up another issue, why should NFL players be able to get access to being tested while most Americans are not able to be tested for virus?

The NFL’s late April-May training regimen is not taking place and while Goodell and league officials may be planning for a season, but there is nothing that indicates the season will happen. Donald Trump wants NFL games played in packed stadiums starting in September. The medical and science people don’t seem to believe it is a good thought. Goodell is pushing the playing of NFL games might heal the country line. He is wrong, COVID-19 treatments and a vaccine will do that.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell . (Ben Liebenberg via AP)