Finally A Sports Event, The NFL Draft

Something NFL fans desperately want.

Live from Bronxville, New York, It’s The National Football League Draft. This year’s host is NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and he is televising live from his house basement. The pomp and circumstances and the pageantry and circus like atmosphere from what is essentially a boring event, that type of draft, is not taking place this year. The scheduled Las Vegas event is now in Goodell’s basement and will resemble a 1950s style backroom draft. In some ways, it is Throwback Thursday. But for sports fans and NFL lovers it is a major event and it will be the first real sports action in the United States since the NBA locked down it’s season on March 12th and every other sports league and organization followed. For ESPN and the NFL Network, it is live and fresh programming but it is also a reminder that life is not normal because of the coronavirus.

The NFL Draft is the real start of the football season. Teams can stock up on players to make them better. But there is no follow up to the draft this year. NFL facilities are closed. There will not be the rookies organized team activities event after the draft which means coaches, player personnel directors and general managers cannot make any immediate assessments on the draftees and those signed out of college. There will be no veteran organized team activities practices either until social distancing rules are lifted or the NFL is able to place everyone connected to the teams into a bubble with the personnel isolation or quarantine in place. The NFL, according to Goodell, will play in 2020. Donald Trump wants the league to put out a product with fans in the stands but governors in California, Illinois, Ohio and New Jersey are not sure that is a wise direction to take in their states. But for one day there is sports excitement. There is the National Football League Draft.