David Tepper Knows How To Get Public Money For His Sports Business 

He sets the example for owners.

You have to hand it to David Tepper. Tepper can play the sports ownership game as well as anybody.  Tepper owns the National Football League’s Carolina Panthers franchise and has picked up a Major League Soccer franchise which will share a Charlotte, North Carolina stadium with the Panthers. On November 8, MLS Commissioner Don Garber said Charlotte had moved to the front of the line as the soccer league looked for another expansion team. Charlotte did not make the cut in 2017 when the MLS went looking for four expansion cities. Tepper is the kind of owner the MLS wants. He has lots of money and will pay for some things and take lots of public money for the rest. He will pay for an expansion team then get taxpayers to put up $100 million from a hospitality tax fund to pay for Charlotte stadium improvements.

In August, Tepper persuaded South Carolina elected officials to give him $115 million to help move his Panthers’ headquarters and practice facility from North Carolina to South Carolina. South Carolina politicians offered tax breaks and incentives over a 15-year period if Tepper took his business to York County. The new facility, which Tepper will fund, will include two practice facilities and an indoor practice facility that could seat 10,000 people. But Tepper will keep his employees state income tax and will use that money to build his team’s headquarters. Tepper is using other people’s money and calling it his. The facility will be off Interstate 77 and right now there is no way of accessing the site from the highway but have no fear, an interchange will be built to help Tepper’s business. The cost? $40 million, half of which will be funded by federal taxpayers, the rest by local taxpayers. North and South Carolina politicians gave him tools to win the stadium game.