Nashville Is The Top US Sports City According To One Journal

I read it in a magazine.  

This is the time of year for silliness in sports journalism. Lists, which mean nothing, come out and proclaim something. According to the Sports Business Journal, Nashville is the top sports city in the United States and may have made it to the pinnacle because of the number of people who turned out in the streets for the NFL Draft last April. The National Football League and Nashville elected officials were celebrating that the 2019 Draft allegedly produced $133 million in economic impact. How economists came up with that number is unknown. But some formula is used and it somehow always comes up with some record total for an event even though no government entity has ever done an official study because they might not want to know the real results.

Nashville has two active major league teams. The NFL’s Tennessee Titans and the National Hockey League’s Predators. The city gave both teams sweetheart venue lease deals when Nashville decided to go all out and become a Major League city in the mid-1990s by building a football stadium and an arena. Major League Soccer has granted Nashville a franchise but there is a significant problem. Lawsuits have stopped the construction of the stadium. Nashville elected officials found a quarter of a billion dollars lying around to help fund a Nashville stadium. The new Nashville MLS team will play in the city’s football stadium for the time being. There is a group of investors who want to bring Major League Baseball to Nashville. The NHL team has regularly filled the arena which probably is a surprise in that no one in the mid-1990s was sure whether Nashville really had the wealth or the population to sustain an NHL team. The Major League Baseball team would be called the Nashville Stars. MLB is showing no inclination to expand but Nashville backers want in.

Tennessee Titans
Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)