Will The NFL Pro Bowl Game Ever Return to Hawaii?

Whoever offers the most cash gets the game.  

The National Football League is holding the annual Pro Bowl Game in Orlando, Florida for a fourth consecutive year. The game is a fun affair like most North American major league sports all-star contests. Where the NFL will place the Pro Bowl in the future is anybody’s guess. That leads to a question. Will the NFL consider moving the Pro Bowl back to the Honolulu, Hawaii area if a new stadium is built? Hawaiian officials claim that a new stadium could open in 2023. The NFL did do some business last August at Aloha Stadium as the Los Angeles Rams hosted the Dallas Cowboys in a pre-season game at the venue that is facing the wrecking ball. By all accounts the stadium is antiquated and is in need of being renovated or simply torn down and replaced by a new facility.

There has been $350 million dollars earmarked to knock down the 44-year-old venue and replacing it with a smaller stadium eventually. There is also a hope of building a stadium village around the facility. But that is a notion that local politicians can only think about because there is no proposal other than $350 million set aside to do something. The state is looking for investors who will lease the property and use the $350 million on a stadium and a village, Aloha Stadium is not used very much. There have been a number of concerts featuring Guns and Roses, Eagles, Eminem and Bruno Mars. The stadium has University of Hawaii college football, some high school football games and an annual Christmas Eve game, a college football bowl, that is seen at night on the mainland. The stadium grounds also host a three-times a week flea market, The National Football League pulled the Pro Bowl from Hawaii because it got a better deal in Orlando.

Photo: NFL.com