Brexit Or Not, The NFL Is At Home In London

We want those pounds.

The National Football League starts the London phase of its four games in 28 days plan with the Chicago Bears-Oakland Raiders fixture on Sunday. The NFL hierarchy probably cares about The UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Brexit, the European Union and the state of the negotiations that would see England leave the EU because it may eventually impact the league in the pocketbook. But the NFL is there strictly for football interests and London’s football fans according to the various people who have a vested interest in seeing the NFL succeed in London. The NFL has established a beachhead in London, the only reasonably successful non-American outpost for the league.

The National Football League is the biggest sports league in the United States but its sports influence is far behind soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf and tennis globally along with track and field and boxing. The NFL has spent the last 15 years looking to expand the business beyond the United States and North America. The National Football League failed in Toronto, the North American continent’s fifth biggest city when Buffalo Bills home games took place in the city. Canada’s not really a problem, the NFL has fans in the country and the Toronto mistake may have been more of why should we care about Buffalo’s team when we want our own team. The NFL would also like to make Mexico and Mexico City a part of an international rotation but there was a stadium field problem in 2018 which cancelled the game last November. But the NFL will play a game in Mexico City on November 18 featuring the Los Angeles Chargers and Kansas City. The NFL cannot get a game played in China.  There is money to be made globally but the NFL has had problems in gaining global acceptance. London has accepted the National Football League.