Is Daniel Snyder Angling For A Maryland Sports Gambling License

What is so awful about sports betting? Nothing according to the NFL.  

Maryland is the home of two National Football League teams, the Baltimore Ravens and Daniel Snyder’s Washington franchise, a team that does not playing in the District. Snyder’s team plays in a stadium just east of the District in Maryland. Snyder is looking for a new stadium for his business and wants the new place opened by 2027. But there doesn’t seem to be any politicians in Washington, Maryland or Virginia who are in a hurry to give Snyder what he desires. Snyder might be thinking about something else though. Get a sports betting gambling license from Maryland and run a sportsbook inside his place. But there is a problem. Maryland does not offer sports gambling and it might be a while before Maryland is in the position to allow sportsbooks within its borders. Maryland law requires a referendum on the subject, sports gambling. That could happen in November of this year or maybe not.

Snyder was working on getting a new Maryland stadium in 2018 but a land swap deal which would have allowed Snyder to build a stadium on Maryland land fell through. At the moment, the District cannot do anything for Snyder at the RFK stadium site because of various bureaucratic agreements. Virginia seems to have lost interest in helping Snyder build a new stadium. If Snyder is playing the I will stay in Maryland in exchange for a sports book license, it shows just much of a betting turnabout has taken place within NFL circles since May 2018 when the Supreme Court of the United States ruled New Jersey could open a sportsbook some six and a half years after New Jersey voters said yes to legalized sports gambling. The National Football League fought legalized sports gambling in the courts stopping Delaware and New Jersey from opening sportsbooks. But there is money to be made from sports gambling.