After Further Review: Cecil Shorts III’s Time In Jacksonville Has Surely Come To An End

Like a plane spiraling towards the ground after a mid-air collision, Cecil Shorts III‘s time with the Jacksonville Jaguars is abruptly coming to an end.

Before today’s game against the Houston Texans, Shorts had just 38 receptions for 416 yards and a touchdown. For someone with a contract that expires at the end of this season, those stats don’t exactly give the team a reason to re-sign the fourth-year veteran.

Shorts didn’t help himself either on Sunday, having the worst game of his entire career.

While they didn’t come outright and mention it, you could tell listening to both Blake Bortles and Gus Bradley that team wanted to get Shorts going early as they targeted him four straight times to start the game… it just didn’t happen.

“It was just how we planned it. The first three plays were scripted and it just so happened Cecil was in the primary read on those first three plays. It was not a kind of match-up deal, it was just what we felt comfortable with and what we wanted to do.” – QB Blake Bortles

Since the 2012 season, Shorts has gotten worse each and every game, producing less and less each week.

Fans have started to notice his regression too.

After dropping his fourth straight pass on what would’ve been a gain of roughly 30-yards, the few fans that were in Everbank Field started booing while twitter went into a frenzy.

For someone in a contract year, I sure wouldn’t want to be regressing a the very least. Catching only two passes for a total of three yards isn’t going to get you another contract.

I guess some players really do learn that ‘NFL’ stands for ‘Not For Long’.