Local TV station apologizes for airing the Jags


What viewers of the Jags-Raiders game saw on their TV screen yesterday.
What viewers of the Jags-Raiders game saw on their TV screen yesterday.

Orlando CBS affiliate WKMG-TV felt that they had to tell their viewers that they had no choice in broadcasting the Jacksonville Jaguars loss to the Oakland Raiders. Most of the fans in the area had hoped to see “Manning Bowl,” as the Denver Broncos of Peyton Manning beat the New York Giants of Eli Manning.

But you can’t always get what you want and if you live in Orlando, then you had to visit a sports bar or have DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket to see the game. Meanwhile, WKMG wanted their viewers to know what was going in an attempt to stem a flow of angry callers come this morning.

Management at the station felt that it was important to advise their audience that because they are considered by both the NFL and the Jaguars as a “secondary market,” to Jacksonville, they were contractually obligated to carry the game. The station even made the point of putting an on air graphic up telling their viewers why they were being forced to watch Jacksonville and Oakland.

Here is what the graphic said:

“In accordance with NFL policy, WKMG must carry all Jacksonville Jaguars away games. We apologize for any inconvenience. An explanation of the NFL broadcast policies can be found on ClickOrlando.com” 

It did not take lone for the Orlando station to become national news. Fox, CBS, ESPN, and NBC all pointed out that the Jags game was not a hit in the central Florida market. By late last night both online and print editions, of newspapers around the country had the story.

Bottom-line, if you live in Orlando and have no interest in watching the Jags then you can watch the game on Fox or head out to sports bar. Those seem to be your only option’s at this point and do not expect the NFL to change their rules they need Orlando to be Jacksonville’s secondary market.