London Calling And The NFL Is Listening

The NFL is trying to increase the league’s presence in London.



For some reason, the NFL has decided to establish a presence in London in an attempt to grow the industry international. Last year’s vote by UK citizens to leave the European Union at least at the moment has done nothing to slow down the NFL’s planning to play more than three games a year in London. The NFL appears to be on safe ground in Mexico City as the league has been marketing the game in Mexico for a long time. But the NFL and the football industry has a problem. American style football is just not played all that much globally There isn’t a Pop Warner-middle school-high school-college set up in most countries that even play football. It is more or less a United States game. Still the league has an interest in playing a game in China despite two failed efforts to stage an event in Beijing in 2007 and 2009, Australia has expressed interest in once again hosting a pre-season game. The league apparently is interested in putting a game in Germany. But American football, a minor league version of it anyway, has failed on the European continent and it seems the league is in no hurry to go back to Toronto, Ontario, which was considered a good market, after the Buffalo Bills experiment of playing an annual game in Toronto failed. But for now, the NFL is moving ahead with getting a foothold in London.

The NFL will play two games a year at the soon to be opened Tottenham Stadium starting in 2018 thanks to a 10-year deal between the league and the Tottenham directors.