Dolphins Philbin, “We Are Ready For Week One”

Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin spoke to the media Thursday night after the final preseason game. Philbin went into detail about the QB play, the defense and if the team is ready for the regular season.

“I thought that was a good finish to the ball game. I told the team a lot of games in this league are decided in the fourth quarter, inside of five minutes, so it was nice to see our guys step up and make some plays. We made a play on offense on fourth down, and we had a takeaway on defense when the game was on the line. So that’s how you’ve got to finish games. It’s nice to come back after losing the lead in the fourth quarter.”

(On the play of QB Pat Devlin) – “We’re going to have some tough decisions. We’ll see. Pat has an excellent mastery of the system. He’s got very good poise. He stepped up and made a play when we had to have one. We had to have a play. It was a critical time in the ball game and he and Marvin [McNutt, WR] hooked up…big play.”

(On the play of TE Dion Sims and of the tight ends overall) – “I thought they played well. I thought he caught the ball well. There were a couple [of defensive players] who got him relatively quickly and he adjusted his body a little bit and made the catch. That part I was pleased with. I have to study the blocking a little bit closer. I thought overall the tight ends did well.”

(On the play of the defense) – “I thought we played well in the first half. I thought we made some plays and got off the field after a rough first drive. We didn’t do very good job of tackling, so we’re going to have to study the tape a bit closer.”

(On G John Jerry playing in tonight’s game) – “[His needing work] Absolutely. I thought he looked okay.”

(On not having any starters or second team players in tonight’s game) – “We had targeted – before the preseason began, we targeted the number of snaps we felt these guys needed to get ready to play a NFL season. We had met that goal. We were comfortable with that.”

(On if DE Dion Jordan will be ready for the home opener on Sept. 22) – “We’ll see.”

(On the play of the wide receivers) – “I thought they made some plays. Brian Tyms is a guy who’s been improving. He made a couple of catches out there today. Marvin [McNutt] made a big play. I thought they caught the ball relatively well. [Chad] Bumphis, I think, is a guy who showed some flashes early. It’s a good group. Those guys improved as the season went on.”

(On keeping six wide receivers going into the regular season) – “I think we’re open to any combination. There’s been no decisions made as to how many we’re keeping.”

(On if the team is ready for the regular season) – “Yes. I thought we had an excellent training camp. We covered a lot of ground, a lot of different situations. Today was great for us. Again, to be down, and have to make a play on fourth down and have to defend a drive to win the game…all those things, you try to simulate that in practice, and you do it, but this is better, obviously.”

(On how he feels going into this season as opposed to last) – “I feel strongly about the character of the guys in the locker room. It’s a good group. It’s a hard working group. I’m excited about the opener against Cleveland on September 8th.”

(On if he feels that this team is a better team than the one a year ago) – “Yes, I do. But we’ll find out September 8th.”

(On if there is debate going into making the final roster cuts) – “There’s always a couple, sure. There’s always healthy conversation about the players. It’s good.”

(On if he’s thinking of keeping the fullback position) – “I have to take a look at the tape a little closer. I’m not opposed to keeping a fullback, but it’s not a mandate that we have to have one. We’ll see. We can adjust.”

(On if he enters the final preseason game with cuts in mind) – “We’re going to watch the tape. We’ll look at the tape and evaluate. There’s decisions that still need to be made and as I told the team, every time you go out there it’s important. So we’re certainly going to look at the tape.”

(On if he will be aggressive searching the waiver wire) – “I think our personnel staff does a great job. They’ll do their due diligence I’m sure and look at every avenue possible to improve the football team.”

(On if there will be practice between now and next week) – “They’re going to have a couple of days off, then we’ll get back together.”