NFL Needs A Playoff And Super Bowl Plan

Just about 90 days before the playoffs.

The National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League got through the playoffs. Major League Baseball is attempting to get through the playoffs and even have customers in the stands in Arlington, Texas despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The National Football League has a long way to go before the league playoffs and the Super Bowl. The NHL and NBA wrapped essential personnel in a bubble. Major League Baseball didn’t and had problems getting a full 60-game schedule completed. The NFL got its first dose of COVID-19 reality with a virus outbreak within the Tennessee Titans workplace. A Titans-Pittsburgh Steelers game was postponed. New England quarterback Cam Newton has come down with the virus and that shook up the NFL schedule as well. COVID-19 is not going away and the NFL is facing the rest of October, November and December with the possibility of the United States not containing COVID-19 and a flu season ahead.

The league needs a contingency plan for the January playoffs and the Super Bowl. The league probably cannot put on the network spectacular portion of the Super Bowl in Tampa. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, seemingly oblivious to a pandemic, wants a full Super Bowl experience complete with all of the daily fan fests, weekend A List parties and a packed stadium. What will the NFL do? That is the question facing the league. The NFL could designate markets such as Miami, Tampa, Arlington, Texas, maybe New Orleans as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is hoping to get customers to Saints games this year, Glendale, Arizona and Las Vegas as hub cities for playoff teams and isolate team personnel. There will not be a vaccine available for players and while some treatments might be promising, the playoffs are less than 90 days away. That is not much time in putting a plan in place. But the NFL has to get through week 5 first.