Do Athletes Take Drug Tests For Health Or Integrity Reasons?

The NFL does not have an agreement with the United States Anti-Doping Agency and does not adhere to USADA decrees.


Intentionally or not, Marquise Goodwin is sticking it to the quasi-governmental, because taxpayers’ money goes to the group, United States Anti-Doping Agency by attempting to make a National Football League team. This probably upsets the anti-doping watchdog group because the USADA has no jurisdiction over the National Football League and cannot bully NFL players. Goodwin has competed as a long jumper in track and field and he ran afoul of the USADA because the watchdogs could not find him. It appears Goodwin didn’t bother to fill out his whereabouts information. The watchdog group has suspended Goodwin for a year, dating back to April 1 because it could not find him to administer a drug test.  The USADA released a statement saying “As a result of the violation, Goodwin has been disqualified from all competitive results achieved on and subsequent to April 1, 2017, including forfeiture of any medals, points, and prizes.” Goodwin didn’t plan on participating in any track and field events so the suspension is moot. Goodwin has never flunked a drug test.


Drug tests. Why do sports leagues and organizations relish having players take drug tests? For instance, are players who are caught taking sports banned legal or illegal drugs being punished for cheating? Are owners of sports really worried about health risks for that player and what might be down the road from taking banned or even legal substances? The owners don’t care about the players once they are used up. Players are constantly replaced. That leads to the next question. Are sports owners and organizations concerned that some people might view sports with a jaundiced eye and conclude that cheating is going on and therefore there is a question about legitimacy surrounding every game? That is a better answer. It comes down to money. The players say yes to drug testing for the same reason. Money.


Goodwin is helping to make the 49ers roster.