Back To Building A Fanbase In London

The NFL needs London.




Draft done, now it is back to work. For the NFL, work includes an international outreach. The National Football League will play three games in London, England this fall. The league also has invested a small amount of money about $12 million for NFL-needed additions in the Tottenham football or soccer stadium that is opening this year. The NFL will hold at least two games a year at the Tottenham stadium between 2018 and 2027. Tottenham owners would like to land a permanent NFL team. The National Football League will also play one game in Mexico City as part of a deal that will see the league stage an annual game in the Mexico capital city through 2021.

There is a reason why the NFL is in London it is pretty simple. American football exposure globally is rather small, just the United States, portions of Canada and Mexico and little else. The NFL is far behind soccer and basketball globally, the NBA has found some success in China while the NFL has not figured out how to stage a game in China. Major League Baseball has cut a deal to have MLB games available in China on a streaming basis. Baseball is returning to the Olympics in baseball friendly Japan in 2020. The National Hockey League, which has numerous players from Sweden and Finland, will play regular season games in both countries next fall. The NHL will also have pre-season games in China, Germany and Switzerland. Soccer is a global sport and United States sports operators want international matches at their venues. They sell. The NFL trails table tennis, golf, tennis, cricket and track and field on the world-wide sports stage. The NFL has a long way to go to develop interest in England and in Europe. There is no youth feeder system to develop talent. That is the NFL’s major problem.



The NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell Want A London Franchise Eventually.