Casino Is Looking Into Buying Naming Rights At Arizona Cardinals Stadium

Cardinals ownership is looking for a naming rights partner.


In March, a sanctimonious Roger Goodell, the Commissioner of a league where 30 owners, his bosses and the Green Bay Packers Board of Directors gave approval for one of their own, the Raiders Mark Davis to move his business from Oakland, California to the heart of legalized sports betting in the United States, Las Vegas, Nevada, told Monday Morning Quarterback the league “is not changing our position as it relates to legalized sports gambling. We still don’t think it is a positive thing. We want to make sure that the integrity of our game is the primary concern and we do everything possible to protect that. And that people are watching it for the outcome, and they know that it is not being influenced by any outside influences. We are very determined to continue that, and we will; that’s a first priority for us.” Goodell and one of his ownership groups, the Arizona Cardinals, have a problem that could be solved with casino money. The Cardinals stadium is seeking a naming rights partner and there is a Phoenix area casino that might want to help the Cardinals dilemma. But a casino can’t sell its name to be mounted on a stadium according to NFL bylaws.


For a business built on something called the point spread, he NFL has been fighting the establishment of sports books in two states. It is going to be difficult for Goodell to reconcile his anti-gambling doctrine with a team in Las Vegas and developing business interests in London, England where there is sports gambling. Goodell has to defend owners who embrace sports gambling when it suits them, such as fantasy sports partners and maybe in Glendale, Arizona where a casino is ready to spend tens of millions of dollars only to see the NFL fight it on some integrity stance. The NFL is still standing on some imaginary moral ground.


Goodell remains a staunch supporter of keeping gambling out of the NFL