Corbin Bernsen Wants The NFL Back In LA

Corbin Bernsen on Major League and Super Bowl I

Corbin Bersen Psych
Actor Corbin Bernsen of Major League and LA Law fame spoke with Sports Talk Florida about his new film Born to Race: Fast Track. The conversation led to the lack of an NFL team in Los Angeles. Bersen remarked how his dad took him to Super Bowl I and how his grandchildren are missing out on a great experience with no team in LA.

“There is a hole in our city,” said Bernsen.

Bernsen spoke about what types of acting he prefers and he remembers the teamwork of Major League. Aside from acting, Bernsen can’t contain his excitement for his Dodgers and the MLB playoffs.

Listen to the complete Corbin Bernsen interview below:


Corbin Bernsen made it look so easy to play the bad guy, especially with his career-defining role of divorce lawyer Arnie Becker on the 1980s legal drama behemoth, “L. A. Law” (NBC, 1986-1994). With his steely exterior and unrivaled intensity, the actor made a career out of portraying charming yet unsavory characters. But the talented Bernsen was not all ‘bad boy’ business – he navigated between genres seamlessly, appearing in countless made-for-TV dramas like the biopic “Line of Fire: The Morris Dees Story” (NBC, 1991) and thrillers like “Shattered” (1991), but also delivered the laughs as a prima donna baseball player in the feature comedy “Major League” (1989). He gave a chilling performance as an insane dentist exacting revenge in the cult horror film “The Dentist” (1996) and was pitch-perfect as a stern ex-cop on the dramedy series “Psych” (USA Network, 2006- ). But it was Bernsen’s memorable turn as the sleazy, womanizing Becker on the hit drama “L.A. Law” that catapulted him to fame and punctuated his long career as a truly talented and multi-layered actor – Yahoo Movies