Is The National Football League Serious About Playing A Game In Brazil?

In search of global markets.

The National Football League international committee, the people in charge of finding venues around the world so that the league can expand its fan base, apparently is taking a close look at Brazil. There is a claim that Brazil is the NFL’s third biggest consumer market. The NFL has established a beachhead in London, the only reasonably successful non-American outpost for the league. The NFL does have a following in Canada, but the Buffalo Bills Toronto initiative failed miserably. The NFL would also like to make Mexico and Mexico City a part of an international rotation but there was a stadium field problem in 2018 which cancelled a game last November. The National Football League is the biggest sports league in the United States but its sports influence is far behind soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf and tennis globally along with track and field and boxing. The NFL has spent the last 15 years looking to expand the business beyond the United States and North America. There is money to be made globally but the NFL has had problems in gaining global acceptance with the biggest failure in China. The NFL has not been able to get a workable agreement to stage a game in Beijing.

The NFL may have a place that is interesting in hosting a game in São Paulo. There is a 49,000-seat soccer stadium in the city that could house an NFL game. There are also two other stadiums in the city. The National Football League has made no commitment to a game in Brazil and may have just been kicking the tires looking for a venue. The league is trying to gain a worldwide footprint and it appears that the NFL is concentrating on building a sturdy London market and would like to expand efforts in Mexico. The NFL will be back in Mexico in November.