Richmond Wants Money From Daniel Snyder For His Washington’s NFL Teams Training Camp Stay In Town

Money makes the world go round.

There could be a parting of the ways between the National Football League’s Washington franchise and the city of Richmond, Virginia following the 2020 pre-season if the team insists on being paid $500,000 a year to hold training camp in the city. Daniel Snyder’s team and city officials signed a deal in 2012 that brought the team to Richmond. The agreement ends following the 2020 training camp stay. The Richmond City Council in May 2018 voted for a resolution that calls for the deal to be changed and they want money from the team to continue using a privately owned facility in the city. This year, the team is in Richmond for 13 practices which is typical for an NFL team not using its own facilities for training camp. Many teams have decided to stay home to prepare for the season. Richmond officials concede having the NFL team in town makes people feel good.

The number one critic of the present Washington franchise-Richmond deal is Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney, who was not in office when the agreement was struck. Stoney said “I just don’t think the city of Richmond should be providing a cash subsidy to one of the wealthiest franchises in all of the world.” Stoney has told the team’s negotiators that he expects the deal to be revised if the team plans to remain in Richmond past the 2020 training camp pact. “We did meet in May, 2018 and we had a very candid, frank conversation about the current state of affairs between us and the franchise,” said Stoney. It is difficult to gauge just how much money the NFL team brings to Richmond. The $500,000 stipend to Snyder’s team would seem to wipe out what the team would spend on hotels, restaurants and the use of the Richmond facility. It’s a great deal for Snyder.