The Oakland And Raiders Divorce Is Coming

It appears That Mark Davis will get the green light from NFL owners to relocate his business from Oakland to Las Vegas very soon.



This time, the National Football League is working with the Davis family in good faith in allowing team ownership to move. That has not always been the case. In the 1980s, the NFL was sued by Al Davis when the league tried to stop him from moving his team from Oakland to Los Angeles. In 1995, Davis attempted to build a Raiders stadium in Inglewood just outside of Los Angeles but the league threw up too many barriers and Davis took his business back to Oakland. In 2016, league owners refused to allow Davis to partner with San Diego Chargers ownership to build a stadium in Carson, California just outside of Los Angeles. Instead, the league allowed Stan Kroenke to move his St. Louis Rams operation to Inglewood and gave Chargers ownership a chance to join Kroenke in Inglewood. The Chargers ownership took the NFL offer and left San Diego.

NFL owners more than likely will address the Oakland issue and Davis’s request to relocate during this week’s spring meetings in Phoenix. Davis could get what he wants, the okay to go to Las Vegas. But all of the “i”s have not been dotted nor have all of the “t”s been crossed. For instance, Davis has no signed lease in Las Vegas. There is also another major problem that Davis is facing. A Las Vegas stadium will not be ready until 2019 and he will still need a place to call home for at least two years. That home might be Oakland.

If that happens, who in the Bay Area will buy what Davis and his partners are selling? Would local businesses who buy stadium signage or sponsor the Raiders games on radio or Raiders programming on regional cable TV want. Who would want to put up money for an operation that is relocating? Oakland city officials will take Davis and his partners rent money. It is better than having an empty stadium but Oakland will never get back the money the city invested in 1995 to renovate the Oakland Coliseum for Raiders football.