Oakland’s Mayor Thinks Raiders Owner Mark Davis Had No Interest Remaining In The City

This was known.



Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf finally admitted what has been known for a long time about the Mark Davis led Oakland Raiders and the proposed new stadium negotiations between the city and the NFL team. Davis had no interest in building a stadium on Oakland’s terms.  Oakland’s starting position was well we can build a new facility but you, Mark Davis, had to pay down debt on the existing stadium. Davis also wanted Major League Baseball’s A’s evicted from the Oakland Coliseum and refused to pay the 1995 debt.  Schaaf was also critical of the National Football League for not pushing Davis into serious negotiations with Oakland city officials. Davis is moving the team to Las Vegas. He wants to be in Nevada by 2020 in a new stadium that will be subsidized to the tune of $750 million by that state’s governor’s office and the state legislature. They found the money through taxing mechanisms. Davis is still calling the Oakland Coliseum his home through the end of this season. Davis doesn’t have a home field for 2019 and the Oakland City Council thought about bringing legal proceedings against the team and the NFL in an antitrust lawsuit, a legal action that the people who run the Coliseum don’t want to see.

Davis is leaving Oakland and there are questions including what happens to the Oakland Coliseum debt that has to be paid for the 1995 renovations that got Al Davis back into the building after a sojourn in Los Angeles. Oakland received some good news financially recently. The NBA’s Golden State Warriors ownership was ordered by a judge to pay down the $40 million debt for arena renovations. The team is moving to San Francisco after the season. Oakland is losing two of its three big league teams. Oakland could not afford the price of being in the big leagues.