Raiders’ Davis Can’t Control Oakland Chaos

Oakland’s football problem.



For those who view the Mark Davis owned Oakland Raiders as a chaotic franchise, those people are going to get an opportunity to watch other situations unfold. Davis is moving the team to Las Vegas, he wants to be in Nevada by 2020 in a new stadium that will be subsidized to the tune of $750 million by that state’s governor’s office and the state legislature that found the money that will be raised by taxing mechanisms. Davis is still calling the Oakland Coliseum his home but that could change because the Oakland City Council may be in legal proceedings against the team and the NFL in an antitrust lawsuit, a legal action that the people who run the Coliseum don’t want to see. Then there is Alameda County, a government that has a piece of the Coliseum and wants to rid itself of that share.

In the anyone can sue anyone vein, the Oakland city council feels it has been wronged by Davis finding a new love, Las Vegas. The city might want a half a billion dollars to soothe hurt feelings but Davis needs a stadium until his new Las Vegas plant is ready for business and would like to stay in Oakland until then. The people who run the Coliseum are fine with that arrangement. Davis is leaving Oakland and there are questions including what happens to the Oakland Coliseum debt that has to be paid for the 1995 renovations that got Al Davis back into the building after a sojourn in Los Angeles. Oakland’s starting position was we can build a new facility but you, Mark Davis, had to pay down the existing debt. Davis wanted Major League Baseball’s A’s evicted from the Oakland Coliseum so Davis would be the only tenant as part of the stadium deal and refused to pay the 1995 debt. Chaos still prevails with the Oakland Raiders and the city of Oakland.