Should Your NFL Team Draft A Quarterback?

How Many NFL Teams Need To Draft A Quarterback?


No position in sports receives more attention than a football quarterback. And no position is more important to success. It’s why every year, no matter how deep or how shallow the pool, teams think about investing in one. Whether you’re picking at the top hoping for John Elway or picking one late hoping to find Tom Brady, every team must look at what they have, and what they might be passing on. Should your team draft a quarterback?

Keep in mind, drafting a quarterback doesn’t necessarily mean taking one in the first round. Drafting a quarterback could mean any round, 1-7. And every team I’d suggest take one, have different levels of need. I’ll highlight how much they need a QB on a 1-10 scale, with 1 meaning not at all, and 10 meaning trade up in the first round if necessary!


1. Titans- No. Like a few teams in the league, they got their developmental quarterback before drafting their starter, so they are set.

2. Browns- Yes. RG3 is a decent risk, but it’s still a team who needs to cast it’s net wide considering they’ve had 24 different starters since 1999. It doesn’t have to be the first round, but they need to address the position.

Level of need- 9


3. Chargers- Yes. Philip Rivers isn’t going to be there forever, and the Chargers may not be in San Diego much longer either. They don’t have a younger option on the bench either. 

Level of need- 7


4. Cowboys- Yes. How many times does Tony Romo need to get hurt? Yes, he could play four more years, but he also could snap that collarbone again and Dallas has no answer. 

Level of need- 9



5. Jaguars- No. Chad Henne is serviceable behind Blake Bortles.

6. Ravens- No. Joe Flacco is still in his prime and even though I’m not a fan, they’ll give Ryan Mallett a try for at least a year.

7. 49ers- Yes. San Francisco is onto their 3rd coach in as many years. Collin Kaepernick has steadily regressed over the last 3 years and has been openly shopped in the offseason. Blaine Gabbert looked decent as a replacement, so this is an extremely interesting decision.

Level of need- 10 (if Kap is moved), 6 (if he isn’t)

Colin Kaepernick


8. Eagles- No. I don’t get why all the talk. You don’t resign Sam Bradford  and  sign Chase Daniel if you want to draft a QB, do you?

9. Buccaneers- No. Tampa Bay has two kids with Glennon backing up Winston.

10. Giants- No. Ryan Nassib is presumably still developing behind Cal Ripkin Jr. Eli Manning.

11. Bears- No. Chicago likes David Fales sitting behind Jay Cutler.

12. Saints- No. New Orleans invested a pick into a kid I liked a year ago, Garrett Grayson.

13. Dolphins- No. Many Miami fans are ready to move on, but coach and QB are locked in for at least a couple years now, and Matt Moore remains the veteran backup.

14. Raiders- No. Derek Carr is obviously the answer here, but if they think Matt McGloin is garbage, then I wouldn’t blame them for looking elsewhere.

15. Rams- Yes. Jeff Fisher might be a great poker player the way he keeps year after year selling us on the Rams quarterbacks in house. Since trading down (as it turns out, wisely) and passing on Bobby Griffin they’ve had an unsettled disaster at the position.

Level of need- 10



16. Lions- No. It’s Matt Stafford’s team and a vet backup will be fine.

17. Falcons- No. They kept Sean Renfree over vets last year, so they probably feel okay with him behind Matty Ice.

18. Colts- No. Not an awful idea, but an unnecessary use of a draft pick for a team with so many other issues.

19. Bills- No. A strange spot, but Buffalo employs a pair of young quarterbacks so passing makes more sense.

20. Jets- No. It’s awkward, I know, but unless they have no desire to bring back Fitz-magic and they have no faith in their own selection of Bryce Petty, then I wouldn’t take a QB this draft.

21. Redskins- Yes. An interesting spot to be in. If no long-term deal is reached with Kirk Cousins, then I believe you have to be open-minded to plan ahead in case things don’t work out and Colt McCoy isn’t the answer.

Level of need- 4

Kirk Cousins is ready to face the Folphins come Sunday


22. Texans- No. They are betting on Brock Osweiler now, and can’t send a conflicting statement.

23. Vikings- No. Shaun Hill will suffice behind the young Bridgewater.

24. Bengals- No. AJ McCarron handled himself well enough to continue to assume the role of backup.

25. Steelers- Yes. Big Ben is oft-injured and aging and I don’t trust Landry Jones as the long-term answer.

Level of need- 5


26. Seahawks- No. Tarvaris Jackson is suitable to be the backup to Russell Wilson.

27. Packers- No. Green Bay just took Brett Hundley last year in the draft.

28. Chiefs- No. Aaron Murray is Alex Smith’s understudy.

29. Cardinals- No. Carson Palmer isn’t getting any younger, but Drew Stanton and Matt Barkley each are worth training.

30. Panthers- No. Cam Newton is a young man and Derek Anderson is a proven, capable backup.

31. Broncos- Yes. Denver made a choice. They know Osweiller better than any team, and decided his price was too high. Now, they have Mark Sanchez and developmental player Trevor Semien. They’ve been flirting with the idea of trading for Kaepernick as well. If they don’t do the deal, then they need to look at the draft.

Brock Osweiler

Level of need- 8

— Patriots- No. New England already has Jimmy Garappolo in training.