The New York Giants make Odell Beckham Jr. the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL

Five year extension raises excitement, concerns

As the 2018 NFL season kicks off, with already approaching the end of Pre-season football.  Organizations have been making large payouts to lock in players. To set the path for their teams to be successful in this upcoming season, it comes at a hefty price.

Will the New York Giants regret offering Odell Beckham Jr. a $95 million 5 year extension? With all the unfortunate events and injury after injury, the Giants came in dead last in the NFC East only winning 3 games in the regular season. OBJ suffered from an ankle injury during a bone crushing game versus the Chargers, in addition to losing 4 players because of injuries that practically ended their 2017 season.

Moving forward with changes in coaching staff and the extended contract to one of the greatest known wide receivers in the game; the Giants franchise is anticipating a complete turn around compared to there 2017 season. With all of his emotional antics played out on the sidelines through his time on the field, was it ideal for the Giants to use 10% of their budget to hang on to Odell?

No one can forget the clip of OBJ kissing the post in result to one of the many emotional tantrums on the sidelines. This young player has also been in some dramatic and damaging situations off field that had left some questioning the integrity of Beckham Jr. Furthermore, there has been no limit to the playing style and his ability to make game changing plays.

With his youth and talent to make game winning plays, the National football league is aware that Odell has years to come and show the nation that he is not a force to be messed with. All things considered, let’s not sleep on the New York Giants this season- they are making power moves with Odell leading the way.

Famous for his one handed catches
Odell Beckham Jr. and his stretch for success.