Things are heating up in week 6 of the NFL with a last second win for the Patriots

New England, Kansas City put on a show Sunday night

Sunday Night Football was at its best. Excuse my language but what a Hell of a game. Tom Brady and the Patriots came out alive after the vicious battle with Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. There were missed opportunities in the second half of the game by the Patriots defense where young quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw some must needed 30 yard passes that kept the Chiefs neck an neck with the Patriots. This is Mahomes first year as staring quarterback for the Chiefs. Spending his rookie season playing second to Alex Smith and having a front row seat to one hell of a 2017 season has put some fire behind Mahomes and his daring playing style.

Tyreek Hill should be named MVP for the miraculous performance. Catching 7 out of 12 targets for 142 yards. If you are reading Hill’s plate it was already to late. Luckily for Tom Brady the Chiefs’ defense really held up to being one of the worst in the NFL giving  the Patriots the chance to close out this game and avoid overtime. If I must be honest overtime might of been the last nail in the coffin for the Patriots.

Tom Brady did what Tom Brady does best and lead his team to the 15 yard line with 16 seconds left on the clock. Bill Belichick played it safe and called upon kicker Stephen Gostkowski and the kick off team closed out the game with only a three point lead. 40-43 was the end result of such a blood bath and the Chiefs go home with their first loss of the season. It was a milestone victory for Tom Brady to say the least. 200 regular season wins in Bradys 18 season NFL career. He has really earned the nickname ‘The Goat’.

At this point in the season the Chiefs have set the bar and standard for their team and have proven they can roll with the big dogs. As long as the team can stay healthy there could be a real chance for Kansas City.  After passing for 352 yards and throwing for 4 touchdowns, Patrick Mahomes is a force to be reckoned with and is Super Bowl contender worthy without a doubt.